Bachelor of Music Degree: obtained in 2015 at Codarts Conservatory, Rotterdam (NL)

Master of Music Degree: obtained in summer 2017 at Conservatory van Amsterdam (NL), program: European Jazz Master, including exchange semesters at RMC Copenhagen (DK) and CNSMDP Paris (F) with the help of a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) artist scholarship. 

Lessons or workshops with (amongst others): Jason Moran, Christian McBride, Brian Blade/John Patitucci/Danilo Perez, Branford Marsalis, Ben Street, Martijn Vink, Marcel Serierse, Anton Eger, Marius Neset, Kresten Osgood, Dre Pallemaerts, Joost Patocka, Hans van Oosterhout, Paul van Brugge, Christian Schönefeldt, Kristof Hinz, Almut Lustig... 

Awards: 2nd price at Budapest Jazz Competition 2017, Composition Prize at Jazzpreis Biberach 2016, 3rd Price at Jazzpreis Biberach 2016, Study Up Award at the Conservatory Osnabrück 2013, Several prizes at the German competition Jugend Musiziert on several stages (2007, 2011) ​

Concerts in: Germany, Danmark, France, Poland, Norway, UK, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic


​"The versatile and sensitive drummer Jannis Wolff, ..., is in full control over his instrument. He strokes, tickles and challenges the drumset in a way that is heart- warming and unconventional. He makes the room feel shaky, gives direction to the music or sometimes simply follows his own path". 

December 2016, Cornelia Ohst, Marbacher Zeitung


"Places like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, but also experiences such as "not being decisive" are inspiring the bandleader to create very personal, multilayered and consistently surprising compositions."

"Wolff does not only know how to imply the various sounds of his instrument into the music - sometimes soft with brushes, sometimes heavy and concisely with sticks. He succeeds in creating a perfect balance between loud and soft, harmony and disharmony, composition and improvisation." 

August 2016, Sandra Köhler, Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung


"It was Frank Sikora who awarded the Jannis Wolff Quintet with the self- founded composition price in connection with the third price. In his speech, which he was holding in English due to the international line- up of the band, he pointed out the compositorial complexity of the 3 part suite as well as the experimental approach and the expressivity."  

​April 2016, Helmut Schönecker, Schwäbische Zeitung


"... tension and variety are initiated by Jannis Wolff , and after a lyrical solo by Jakob Obleser he lets his instrument crackle like a MG gun".

December 2016, Dieter Zerweck, Ludwigsburger Kreis Zeitung


"A classical Jazz- Trio with a strong piano player and an excellent drummer set the quality level already very high."

"Consisting amongst others of the piano player Simon Seeberger and the drummer Jannis Wolff, who already had a great performance with "Null Ouvert",..., the ensemble had a great quality of musicians."

​May 2013, Tom Bullmann, Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung


"A strong contrast was created by Jannis Wolff on drums, playing Tommy Igoes composition called "Endure". The institution "Jugend Musiziert" is orientating in a contemporary way, which allows the extension of solo- performances by playback. Without any effort, Wolff was changing between several rhythms, while he showed his skills in fusioning influences of Jazz, Rock and Funk."​

​May 2011, Thorsten Zimmer, Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung